Masmidim Scholarship

One of the founding principles of Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael is the timeless nature of Torah, the beacon of our daily existence. Diligence in the study of Torah requires serious commitment and a deep appreciation of the eternal lessons it conveys to us both on the individual and societal levels.

YOY, in its pursuit to attract students who embody this principle, is awarding a limited number of Scholarships. Thanks to a small group of donors, boys entering 9th grade are encouraged to apply for one of our Masmidim Scholarships for the school year 2018-2019.

Scholarships will be merit based. The number of recipients will depend on the number of qualified applicants and amount of distribution money available.

Students who meet the described criteria below will be considered by a review committee for this scholarship. Recipients of these awards will still be able to apply for financial aid if needed.

Students will be required to have completed or currently working towards completing a Mesechta of Gemara (or 30 Blatt) or Seder Mishnayos during 8th grade. Applicants will need to demonstrate study time outside of the school day to be considered. Once accepted the recipient will need to maintain a 3.7 GPA in all Kodesh classes. The student will also be required to attend at least two of the Yeshiva’s optional night seder programs.

The other foundational pillars of YOY are Premier Academics and Sterling Character. As such, Masmidim Scholars will need to enter with grades of A or B in his 8th grade general studies classes. Recipients will be expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA in secular subjects.

Masmidim Scholars will be students who appreciate the importance of decorum, midos and character and, as such, will have no disciplinary demerits on their record.

Applicants should submit a short written statement (250-500 words) demonstrating the candidate’s strengths and accomplishments in the three YOY pillars: Timeless Torah, Premier Academics and Sterling Character.

Additionally, applicants should submit an essay as follows. Please describe in 400 words or less how your background is consistent with YOY’s philosophy and how you hope to contribute to the atmosphere of our Yeshiva.

All written statements should be emailed to The deadline for scholarship applications is February 2 with acceptance letters sent out by February 14.