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Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael is a recognized 501(c)3 corporation, ID #46-4134508. All donations to the Yeshiva are fully tax deductible.

Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael is a community high school dedicated to developing strong Jewish leaders. Supporters can elect to direct their contributions towards different parts of our curriculum, professional development for faculty, and / or enhancements to our physical facility.

Our physical facilities – in particular, our bais medrash and classrooms– are critical to facilitating our mission. We invite sponsors to name specific parts of the school after specific gedolim who embody the traits we wish to imbue in our school and students. For example, one classroom may be dedicated to the Chofetz Chaim, instilling an atmosphere of positive speech. The bais medrash itself may be dedicated to Rav Salanter, the school’s namesake, since the concepts of midos and character refinement will be foremost in the boys’ torah learning.

Please consider a support opportunity and join us as builders of future generations.